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News, Notes, Quotes: Bengals Fines And Forget About Super Bowls In Cincinnati

We tab a few things around the web in our morning news, notes and quotes (formerly the Bengals Banter). Today we revisit fines against the Bengals and the economic booms of the Super Bowl.

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+ The Cincinnati Bengals had multiple players that were served fines in 2012. Adam Jones received the bulk of those fines, totaling $90,000 but only $15,000 was the result of on-field infractions. Against the Washington Redskins he was fined for a horse-collar tackle. He didn't like that one damned bit.

"I'm not happy about it," Jones said. "If you look at the film, like you should look at it, it's clear that I had the jersey. I could see if it's a late hit. No way a guy gets $10,000 for a late hit and I get $15,000. It's ridiculous. If I hit somebody late, it should be more than a horse-collar for a first offense."

Jones continued.

"I'm going to be physical," he said. "I'm not going to stop playing hard because I get fined every week. My goal is to play hard, play smart, play fast. If I get fined within those lines, it is what it is."

The remaining $75,000 against Jones was part discipline during an incident outside of a Cincinnati bar in 2011.

Bengals left tackle Andrew Whitworth was also fined $26,250 for fighting half the Oakland Raiders defense -- an incident that dished out fines to four Raiders players (because they're dicks). Rey Maualuga was fined $15,750 after a hit on a defenseless player and Taylor Mays was fined $21,000 for a helmet-to-helmet hit.

+ According to the New Orleans Time-Picayune, there are seven cities looking to host Super Bowl XLII, which sits five years away -- and Marvin Lewis will still be coaching the Cincinnati Bengals. The cities believed to be interested is Indianapolis, New Orleans, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis and San Francisco.

Will Cincinnati ever host one?

No. Obviously not. And your preconditioned "why" response should be neutralized by common sense and historical conditi... oh, you mean New Jersey is hosting the Super Bowl next year? Alright, so it's not the cold and potential for snow -- which in my mind is every bit apart of football as are cheerleaders. It's the market. Cincinnati will never compete against a market like New York or New Jersey, and frankly it's not even worth applying the discussion.

On the other hand, more cities should be given an opportunity to host the Super Bowl, and we don't mean just along the south and domed stadiums. According to USA Today, New Orleans officials projected that Sunday's Super Bowl kicked $432 million into the city's economy; though slightly less than the estimated $600 million in Dallas during Super Bowl XLV. Even cities with professional football teams are struggling economically. How much would Detroit benefit? Or in our own backyard?

But we get it. Won't happen. Don't even.

At least Cincinnati isn't completely shutout. The Reds will host the 2015 Major League Baseball All-Star Game and according to Baseball Almanac, a rough estimate for the city hosting the All-Star game (that's not played in New York) should give Cincinnati roughly $60 million into the economy.

+ On Wednesday we added the 2013 recruiting class from Land-Grant Holy Land, which is SB Nation's website that covers the Ohio State Buckeyes. Obviously not everyone here is a Buckeyes fan, but southwest Ohio is filled with plenty of fans, if not the entire country -- considering our reach goes beyond the puny boundaries of Earth's atmosphere.

There are also Bearcats fans in the region, which is knowledge secretly obtained from common sense being that this is Cincinnati and all. Personally I'm a fan of both. And yes, one can be. Frankly it's not like they compete against the same schools and save for potential meeting once a year, one doesn't affect the other. Not even in recruiting. But if you're all Bearcats, make sure to check out Down The Drive, SB Nation's Bearcats website.