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Todd McShay Mock Draft: Bengals Select Alabama Running Back Eddie Lacy

ESPN's draft experts released a pair of mock drafts, with the first being Mel Kiper Jr. Todd McShay released his selections too.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Mock drafts.

Who doesn't like a good ol' fashioned mock draft. Make yourself a barbeque brisket sandwich, grab your favorite beverage out of the refrigerator and contemplate the realities of February fantasy.

The ESPN NFL draft experts (whom other draft experts hate with a passion) released their respective mock drafts on Thursday -- a month prior to free agency where mock drafts tend to get wrinkled up in the trash can -- with Mel Kiper Jr. selecting Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro. Todd McShay went a different course, selecting Alabama running back Eddie Lacy.

This is too high for Lacy in my opinion, but some believe he's worth a top-20 pick and if Cincinnati has a high enough grade on him it would make sense from a needs standpoint. I would rather see the Bengals address a different position, but they've used so many early-round picks on players at key positions (QB, OL, WR, DL, CB, TE) in recent years that they might be able to afford a luxury pick like this. Defensive end could also be an option if the right player were available.

Well the Bengals could certainly use a running back. In the first round?