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Don't Expect The Bengals To Address Running Back Through Free Agency

Running back is a position of need, but according to, it's more likely that they'll rebuild the position through the draft, even somewhere within the first three rounds.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Not that we ever know what the Cincinnati Bengals are thinking, one can always speculate based on known information with a pinch of historical relevance. Geoff Hobson with applies that in a series of "I think I believe" comments, one of which suggests that the Cincinnati Bengals won't be active in free agency looking for a running back.

I THINK I BELIEVE: The running game is going to get a major boost. But it's not going to come in free agency. The Bengals aren't looking for Ahmad Bradshaws or Rashard Mendenhalls.

I Think I Believe they're looking for young and fast and with three picks in the first 54, look for him somewhere in there. There are a lot of backs out there and the Bengals should be able to get a solid speedster at one of those selections to team with BenJarvus Green-Ellis. Is it going to be Ray Rice? Who knows? At No. 55, Ray Rice wasn't supposed to be Ray Rice.

It won't be a first rounder however, and that's only because they value first round selections to use it on a potential part time player. If you don't agree with the historical fact that the Bengals won't do it (and won't do it right anyway), then just apply common sense about what this team needs right now. A part time running back isn't first-round worthy.