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Cincinnati Bengals $54 Million Under The 2013 Salary Cap

The 2013 salary cap is set at $123 million and teams are adjusting (slightly) to plan for the new league year.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Early in January ESPN NFL Insider John Clayton published a report that Cincinnati led the NFL with $55.1 million under the projected 2013 salary cap. Obviously the excitement for Brewster's Million playing out at Paul Brown Stadium added an adrenaline shot to the offseason junkie. "Let's sign you, you, and you, definitely you, and you, you, and you..."

Now that the salary cap has been finalized at $123 million, the money available under the cap... doesn't change much.

According to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, the Bengals remain roughly in the $54 million under the cap neighborhood, followed by the Cleveland Browns ($48 million), Miami Dolphins ($47 million), Indianapolis Colts ($44.5 million), Philadelphia Eagles ($33.5 million) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($32.5 million).