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Non-Exclusive Franchise Tag Numbers Released

The Cincinnati Bengals have two prime candidates that could have the franchise tag applied. How much will it cost Cincinnati?


With the salary cap finalized at $123 million, additional numbers are presented with more certainty, from the Bengals having $54 million available under the cap, which if you factor recent signings like Aaron Maybin, it was somewhat expected. The finalized cap number also solidifies numbers for the franchise tag, of which offensive tackle Andre Smith and defensive end Michael Johnson are prime candidates.

According to Albert Breer with the NFL Network, the exact non-exclusive tag numbers are:

Quarterback $14.896 Million
Running Back $8.219 Million
Wide Receiver $10.537 Million
Tight End $6.066 Million
Offensive Line $9.828 Million
Defensive Tackle $8.45 Million
Defensive End $11.175 Million
Linebacker $9.619 Million
Cornerback $10.854 Million
Safety $6.916 Million
Kicker/Punter $2.977 Million