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Cleveland Browns Talking With Dannell Ellerbe's Agent

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The Cleveland Browns are reaching to at least three Baltimore Ravens free agents, according to reports.

He's the guy behind Jermaine Gresham
He's the guy behind Jermaine Gresham
Andy Lyons

The Baltimore Ravens want linebacker Dannell Ellerbe back, who is entering Tuesday as unrestricted free agent. They've reportedly offered the inside linebacker a deal that averages out at $5 million per season. Ellerbe wants more, something around $6 million per season; a multi-year deal worth $25 million to $30 million.

Now the Ravens linebacker is looking at other teams for a market value.

According to Mary Kay Cabot with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Cleveland Browns have spoken with Ellerbe's agent during the "legal tampering" period that began Friday, which allows teams to chat with player agents three days prior to the start of the new league year on Tuesday. Cleveland has also reportedly reached out to outside linebacker Paul Kruger.

Additionally Cleveland, with a cap number around $47 million, have also showed interest in cornerback Cary Williams, and there's speculation that they could go after recently released linebacker James Harrison.

Aaron Wilson with the Baltimore Sun also writes that the Ravens are expected to make Ellerbe a "significant offer"before free agency on Tuesday.