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Bengals Attending Samford Pro Day

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The Cincinnati Bengals are out and about, even with the free agency countdown clock approaching zero.


According to Kyle Burger, sports reporter for WVTM-TV in Birmingham, the Cincinnati Bengals are attending Samford's Pro Day on Tuesday, along with the Buffalo Bills, New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Oakland Raiders and Carolina Panthers.

As one follower points out on Twitter, former Bengals defensive back Sam Shade is an assistant coach at Samford, mostly working with the secondary.

Upwards to five players are working out at Samford, including defensive linemen Nick Williams and Aaron Bethune, wide receiver Riley Hawkins, safety Alvin Hines and linebacker Darion Sutton. Of those five, Williams is ranked No. 26 among all defensive tackles, a position Cincinnati won't likely address during the NFL draft.

We've also heard that the Bengals sent a representative for Toledo's Pro Day.

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