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Former Bengals Wide Receiver Jerome Simpson Agrees To One Year Deal With the Vikings

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The Vikings are giving Jerome Simpson another go.


It appears that former Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson has re-signed with the Minnesota Vikings for a one-year deal, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter:

When Jerome Simpson moved on to purple-and-gold pastures in 2012, he was coming off a career-high season with 725 yards, 50 catches, and four touchdowns with the Bengals. The 2008 second-round draft pick was largely expected to enter the 2011 season as A.J. Green's counterpart in Cincinnati, but a mediocre and inconsistent season led to a seemingly mutual departure both with the Bengals and Simpson. Of course, Simpson's 2011 incident involving 2.5 pounds of marijuana being shipped to his residence didn't exactly help his stock, and even with his legal troubles there were still reports of the Bengals having interest in re-signing Simpson.

Regardless, Simpson moved on. After his three-game suspension was served to start the 2012 season, he played 12 games and accumulated 274 receiving yards from 26 catches with no touchdowns. One would assume that Simpson had his chance, and the Vikings were primed to move on from the prospect of Simpson.

Then, Percy Harvin was traded.

It's not entirely inconceivable to assume that Vikings are doing a bit of damage control at the wide receiver position, and the fact that Simpson was brought back for a short-term deal would lead one to believe that he's being retained if only to add some options come training camp. Regardless, the Jerome Simpson experiment has largely failed in Minnesota, and it appears he has another opportunity to see it through. Meanwhile, the Bengals are grooming the likes of Mohammed Sanu and Marvin Jones as the answer to fill the void that Simpson left behind.