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2013 NFL Free Agency: Buffalo Bills Release Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick

According to the official Twitter account of the Buffalo Bills, they made the surprising move to release quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. He had had an up-and-down career in the Northeast over the past few seasons and never fully lived up to the big contract he signed during the middle of the 2011 season. The move saves the Bills about $10 million in cap space.

The Bills now have limited options at the position going into 2013. Tarvaris Jackson is waiting in the wings on their roster and the prospects coming out in this year's draft aren't the most promising or pro-ready, by most scouts' standards. It will be interesting to see how they fill the position going forward.

If you remember, Fitzpatrick had one forgettable season as the Bengals' starter in 2008 in relief of an injured Carson Palmer. He joined the Bills in 2009 after that debacle of a season in Cincinnati.