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Quarterback Bruce Gradkowski Schedules Visit With The Steelers

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Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Bruce Gradkowski is visiting with one of Cincinnati's biggest rivals.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

It's been theorized that the Cincinnati Bengals could look at the NFL draft for a backup solution behind Andy Dalton. Though that theory was always based on the team having a veteran quarterback for one more season, just in case Dalton suffered an injury while the rookie backup quarterback continued to develop. And that veteran was generally expected to be Bruce Gradkowski, whose two-year contract expired on Tuesday.

Maybe not.

In an interesting twist of irony, the Buffalo Bills released Ryan Fitzpatrick on Tuesday. We're just saying.

Gradkowski was the team's first signing (that didn't play for Cincinnati the prior season) following the NFL lockout in 2011. He only played four games, completing 13 of 29 passes, including a touchdown and interception -- most of which was mop-up duty during blowouts with the exception being the regular season opener in 2011 when Dalton suffered an injury.