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2013 Free Agency: Safeties Making Visits, None With Bengals

There are a handful of quality safeties on the NFL free agent market this year with none being more highly-touted than Dashon Goldson. Though there was a bit of a stir with Goldson being interested in potentially playing in Cincinnati, but that seemed to have little weight as he's now scheduled to visit the Buccaneers. Tampa Bay has reportedly sent their private jet to fetch him.

Former Texans safety, Glover Quin, who some feel would be a good fit in Cincinnati because of his mixture of ability and price, is set to visit the Lions, per multiple reports. Opinions vary of Quin, but he does have the coveted ability to line up in the slot and run with receivers, if needed.

And, finally, former Lions safety, Louis Delmas, is set to visit the St. Louis Rams. It's become clear that the Lions won't be retaining Delmas, who is talented but injury-prone. It will be interesting to see if this visit leads to a contract between the two parties.

No contracts have been agreed upon as of yet, but the Buccaneers appear to be dead-set on grabbing Goldson.