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2013 Free Agency: Raiders Cut Wide Receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey And Safety Michael Huff

If you need a salary cap cautionary tale, you could look at the Oakland Raiders. For the past two offseasons, the Raiders have been in salary cap rescue mode and the moves that they have made have almost solely surrounded contract re-structuring and the waiving of current players. That trend continued on Tuesday.

The Raiders have released wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey and Michael Huff, per multiple reports. Ridding themselves of Heyward-Bey saves the Raiders roughly $5.3 million in salary cap space. Both players were brought into the organization during the Al Davis and the moves were somewhat expected and there may be more moves from them.

Both of these players should get some good attention on the open market. Heyward-Bey could be a solid No.2 deep threat receiver for a team that needs one and Huff has played both corner and safety in the league.