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If Reggie Bush Leaves Detroit Without A Deal, Possible Cincinnati Visit Lined Up

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The Cincinnati Bengals have been connected to Reggie Bush, albeit minimal. However if Bush leaves Detroit without a contract, he could have a Cincinnati visit lined up.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Running back Reggie Bush is scheduled to visit with the Detroit Lions on Wednesday and based on various reports around the league, the Lions do not intend to allow Bush to depart without a contract.

However according to Jason Cole with Yahoo! Sports, if Bush leaves without a deal, expect him to visit the Arizona Cardinals, Washington Redskins and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Cincinnati have been somewhat aggressive looking into running backs, attached to names like Steve Jackson and Rashard Mendenhall. Mike Goodson is scheduled to visit on Wednesday and Beanie Wells reportedly stopped by Paul Brown Stadium on Tuesday.

We still think Bush is a long shot for two reasons. He still believes he can be a primary back, running the football full time and projected cost. Still, what does it hurt to explore?