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2013 NFL Free Agency: Mike Goodson Has Visit And Interest Outside Of Bengals

Former Oakland Raiders running back Mike Goodson is visiting the Cincinnati Bengals on Tuesday for an opening in their running back group. He's starting to pick up interest from a couple of other teams as well.


It was a relatively slow opening day of free agency for the Bengals on Tuesday, as expected. Though they were able to keep one of their own in defensive lineman Robert Geathers, the only other major news that surrounded the team was a visit that they have lined up with running back Mike Goodson on Tuesday night. Goodson is literally the fifth running back that the Bengals have been rumored to have interest in within a 24-hour period.

Though Goodson isn't a huge name on the free agent market, he's gaining popularity. Per Manish Mehta of The New York Daily News, both the Jets and Cowboys are interested in the free agent.

If signed by the Bengals, Goodson will likely be filling a "speed back" role and have a shot at the kickoff returning duties that are looking to be vacated by Brandon Tate. Not surprisingly, the market for running backs has been a little slow-moving in comparison to other positions through the first day of free agency.