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Cornerback Market Might Not Heat Up Until The Weekend

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According to USA Today's Mike Garafolo, the market for free agent cornerbacks might not reach full swing until the weekend.

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In today's pass-happy league, the demand for cornerbacks is at an all time high. No matter how many good corners a team has, it's never a bad idea to get more.

So why, then, has the market for free agent cornerbacks been so slow thus far? According to USA Today's Mike Garafolo, the answer has more to do with the supply side of things than the demand. To Garafolo, the pool of available free agents is both "shallow" and "flat."

To put it in other words, the supply of corners is very homogenous--as in, there isn't much difference in the skill level between any of the starting-caliber defensive backs. There is no Darrelle Revis driving up demand and setting the market for all the other corners. Consequently, the urgency to sign players is diminished, leading to the current situation of fewer signings than normal.

So when will the floodgates finally be released? Maybe not until this weekend, says Garafolo.

This is probably reassuring news for most Bengals fans worried about the silence surrounding both Adam Jones and Terence Newman. Jones and Newman were each solid contributors on Mike Zimmer's defense last season, and considering the lack of long-term depth at the position, re-signing either would be a smart move.

Thankfully, if Garafolo is to be believed, then the lack of contract talks so far stems from an over-saturated and uncharacteristically slow market, and is not necessarily an indication that the Bengals are moving on from the duo of talented corners.

As the weekend creeps closer, we may get a better idea of how the cornerback market is shaping up. In the meantime, a few more pressing needs (like the re-signing of a certain right tackle) will likely dominate the Bengals' free agency focus.