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Bengals One Of 23 Teams To Attend Toledo Pro Day

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The Bengals were one of 23 teams in attendance at the Toledo pro day on Tuesday as 14 players worked out for NFL scouts.


Even though free agency officially opened yesterday afternoon, the Bengals still found the time to squeeze in a little college scouting. According to a report from Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting, the Bengals were one of 23 teams in attendance at Toledo's pro day.

Out of the 14 players to participate during the pro day, LB Dan Molls has the best chance to latch onto an NFL roster. In 2012, Molls led the team with an impressive 166 total tackles. He also added two and a half sacks as well as three interceptions. The biggest knock against him is his size. At only 6'1" and 230 pounds, Molls does not possess the ideal frame for an NFL linebacker. At the pro day, however, Molls showed up slightly heavier than his playing weight, leading to speculation that he may be able to pack on more muscle without adverse effect.

As a members of the MAC conference, Toledo football players are often overlooked by the media and NFL scouts due to the lesser level of competition. Yet, as former Toledo Rockets Bruce Gradkowski and Andrew Hawkins can attest, bypassing small school players can often be a mistake. Apparently the Bengals agree.

Even with the free agency circus in full swing, the Bengals are still leaving no stone unturned in the world of college football.