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Philadelphia Eagles Reportedly Interested In Andre Smith

Andre Smith's name was largely absent among reported interest with other NFL teams. That will start to change.

The first day of free agency came and went without any mention of Andre Smith, still talking with the Cincinnati Bengals, drawing interest from other teams.

Until now.

According to ESPN NFL blog that covers the NFC East, the Philadelphia Eagles are taking a look at Cincinnati Bengals offensive tackle Andre Smith, along with Sebastian Vollmer.

Smith reportedly feels that he's in the $9 million per season neighborhood, a price that contradicts the market right now; a price that the Cincinnati Bengals aren't likely to pay.

However Cincinnati remains active in negotiating with Smith, identifying him as the top priority. Ian Rapoport with the NFL Network said on the NFL Access that the Bengals are "working hard" to bring Smith back.

Cincinnati has kept ten of their own free agents, including Michael Johnson and three tendered players that haven't signed their deals yet. However they've lost quarterback Bruce Gradkowski, linebacker Manny Lawson and kicker Josh Brown on Wednesday -- with the latter two expected to leave anyway.