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Report: Detroit Lions And Running Back Reggie Bush Agree To Terms

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The Cincinnati Bengals were reportedly interested with a possible visit if Bush left Detroit this week. He didn't.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Various reports suggested on Tuesday that the Detroit Lions weren't going to allow running back Reggie Bush to leave Detroit without a contract. However if Bush happened to depart without a deal, reports suggested that Bush was going to tour the country visiting various teams, including the Cincinnati Bengals, along with the Arizona Cardinals and Washington Redskins.

Now we can put a close to this file.

According to Pro Football Talk, the Detroit Lions and Bush have agreed to terms, citing an NFL source.

It was a long shot for the Bengals at best. Along with Bush believing that he's still the centerpiece of a rushing offense, he would have been designated the second-part of a two-back system. And it was always suspected Bush's salary demand was somewhat significant, which the Bengals wouldn't pay for a part-time running back in said two-back system.