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Rashard Mendenhall Agrees To Terms With The Arizona Cardinals

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The Cincinnati Bengals were loosely connected to Rashard Mendenhall during free agency before the running back signed a one-year deal with the Cardinals.

Gregory Shamus

As reports surface that Reggie Bush has agreed to terms with the Detroit Lions, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter tweets that running back Rashard Mendenhall, who visited Arizona on Wednesday, has signed a one-year deal with the Cardinals.

The Cincinnati Bengals were reportedly interested enough in Mendenhall that they were expected "to make a run" at the former Pittsburgh Steelers running back.

That being said, thank god.

Mendenhall was suspended late during the season by the Steelers for conduct detrimental to the team, failing to show up during a Week 14 home game against the San Diego Chargers because he was told that he wouldn't be active earlier in the week.

Cincinnati hosted Chris "Beanie" Wells on Tuesday and are currently hosting Mike Goodson, who spent three years in Carolina before a one-year stop in Oakland.