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Cincinnati Bengals "Very Engaged" In Landry Jones During Oklahoma Pro Day

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The Cincinnati Bengals, looking to do some work on their quarterback roster, were reportedly "very engaged" with Sooners quarterback Landry Jones.


As we've pointed out already, the Cincinnati Bengals were one of 32 teams (aka, everyone) that attended Oklahoma's Pro Day on Wednesday; the Bengals were one of three teams that sent more than one representative to the outing.

And according to Chris Sprow with ESPN, the Cincinnati Bengals were "very engaged" with quarterback Landry Jones.

It's believed that the Bengals are looking to develop a young quarterback as an eventual backup solution. Despite losing Bruce Gradkowski though, we expect Cincinnati to acquire a veteran backup while their youngster develops.

In four seasons as the Sooners quarterback, Jones threw 123 touchdowns and 16,646 yards passing.

It's also possible that the Bengals are interested in others, such as offensive tackle Lane Johnson as a contingency if the team loses Andre Smith, wide receiver Kenny Stills and safety Tony Jefferson.