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Cincinnati Bengals Attend Michigan State University Pro Day

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The Cincinnati Bengals annually focus more on the NFL draft than free agency, which means continuing to search for upgrades through youth than money.

Leon Halip

Though the NFL draft has taken a backseat to free agency, typically energizing the NFL community into a frenzy (with most fans wondering why their respective teams doesn't spend!), the predraft process meanders along as if barely noticing the underdeveloped fly on the couch's armrest. Summarized: Free agency is for the present with veterans and old guys while the NFL draft features the state of the game's future. That being said Pro Days continue.

On Wednesday the Michigan State Spartans held their Pro Day, featuring 29 NFL teams, including the Cincinnati Bengals. One prospect highlighted during MSU's Pro Day was running back Le'Veon Ball.

"He looked more natural catching the ball than I think a lot of people expected," one scout told Rob Rang with

"Today I really wanted to show my ability to catch the ball and my ability to get in and out of cuts," said Bell, according to the university's official athletics' website. "A lot of people might look at me and say he's 230 pounds, he might be slow, or he can't catch the ball out of the backfield. I wanted to show people I'm quick, I can run routes, and I can catch the ball out of the backfield. Just show up and open some eyes today, and show people what I can do. I feel like I got out a lot of today."

It's strongly believed that Cincinnati is looking for a running back to compliment BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

Cornerback Johnny Adams, defensive end Williams Gholston and tight end Dion Sims were among the handful of prospects that participated in drills.