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Dan Skuta Visiting With The San Francisco 49ers

Cincinnati Bengals backup linebacker and special teams ace Dan Skuta might be visiting with the San Francisco 49ers.

Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Dan Skuta may (or may not) be heading out to San Francisco to visit the 49ers, according to a Thursday morning tweet.

Granted he could just be visiting San Francisco for vacation. It's nice this time of year; at least nicer than Cincinnati.

Or he could be visiting with the 49ers for a backup and special teams gig. Skuta visited with the Kansas City Chiefs last year as a restricted free agent, but eventually signed his one-year tender with Cincinnati. Mostly a special teams player, leading the team in special teams tackles in two of the past three years, Skuta has started four games on defense, typically as a Rey Maualuga replacement inside.

He's generated 81 career tackles, a shared quarterback sack and two forced fumbles and even played some offense as a blocking back prior to 2012.

The one good thing if Skuta leaves is that we won't constantly make the mistake of naming him Stuka, then think, "man that would be such an awesome last name." Right, Goodwin?

[Confirmed visiting with the 49ers]