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Bengals Prioritized Cornerback Terence Newman

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Terence Newman may be visiting with the Oakland Raiders, but the Cincinnati Bengals are stepping up their efforts for his return.

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Gregory Shamus

While Bengals cornerback Terence Newman is traveling across the great Midwest on his way to Oakland for a meeting with the Raiders, the Cincinnati Bengals are reportedly stepping up their effort to re-sign Newman for 2013.

The Bengals have also prioritized another Dogra client, cornerback Terence Newman, and those two signings would seemingly open up the 21st pick of the first round to any position or player.

The reference includes offensive tackle Andre Smith, also a Dogra client, eliminating the need to use two selections within the first two rounds for positions easily resolved by the end of this week with their signatures.

Newman, who signed a one-year deal worth $825,000 last year, proved he had value remaining, holding opposing quarterbacks to a passer rating of 79.3 and completion rate below 60 percent against targets Newman covered. He generated 75 tackles in 2012, forcing one fumble and picking off Peyton Manning twice (his only interceptions of the year).

Reedy also listed Newman and Jones as priorities.

It was always believed that the Bengals have prioritized Michael Johnson, Andre Smith, Adam Jones and Newman, but after Johnson's franchise tag, it seems that the team have been unable to get beyond negotiations with Smith.