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Cincinnati Bengals Hosted WR-KR-PR Ted Ginn Jr. On Thursday

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The Cincinnati Bengals may have made their first target for an eventual Brandon Tate replacement.


While hosting quarterback Josh Johnson on Thursday, the Cincinnati Bengals also hosted former THE Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver and return specialist Ted Ginn Jr, according to multiple reports.

For his career Ginn has returned six touchdowns and as Geoff Hobson tweets, ideal for replacing Brandon Tate, who basically turned into a kickoff return specialist and a wide receiver deep on the Bengals depth chart.

Ginn was selected in the first round of the 2007 NFL draft by the Miami Dolphins before spending the last three seasons in San Francisco. And since the Bengals have a tendency to hiring former 49ers players, this might as a shoe-in.

Another benefit with Ginn is preventing the need for Adam Jones to return punts, allowing him to fully concentrate on defense. Though we kind of want Jones to have his opportunities.