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Cincinnati Bengals Salary And Cap Hits For 2013

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Wondering how much the Bengals have to spend, what players cap numbers and salaries are?

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Jamie Sabau

For normal football fans and even obsessionist bloggers, cap numbers are one of the more difficult things to calculate, comprehend and maintain. It's nice to have sites like RotoWorld, Spotrc and OverTheCap to help identify trends and threads that help tie down actual cap hits and salaries. But there's also inconsistencies among those sites, often with incomplete data based on bonuses and other guaranteed numbers that are calculated into cap hits.

Despite fending off a machine-gun assault of followers on twitter wondering why the Cincinnati Bengals haven't used their hordes of money to purchase the island of Madagascar, Joe Reedy with the Cincinnati Enquirer opens his spreadsheet publicly. Joe breaks down player salaries and their respective cap number, including probable uses of available money, highlighting a rough estimate on how much the team has available for spending this year.

You can see the post here.