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Bengals WR Andrew Hawkins Suggests LaRod Stephens-Howling

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Wide receiver Andrew Hawkins tweets a suggestion for the Cincinnati Bengals.

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Andrew Hawkins, a second-year player entering his third season as an Exclusive-Rights Free Agent, has a suggestion.

Stephens-Howling is an unrestricted free agent who isn't returning to the Arizona Cardinals after the running back felt that their offer "wasn't close to what Stephens-Howling was seeking". Writes Kent Somers at

Stephens-Howling could be attractive to other teams because of his versatility. He is a dangerous third-down back, a competent kick returner and one of the best special teams cover men in the NFL.

Cincinnati is looking for a similar player, considering that they've checked out Mike Goodson, who presents much of the same in terms of overall service. On the other hand Stephens-Howling hasn't averaged more than 3.9 yards/rush since 2010, nor generated 20 receptions in a single season. His kickoff returns would be the greater benefit, but even that isn't impressive. He hasn't averaged more than 24 yards per return since 2010; Brandon Tate's average kickoff returns in 2012 were two yards higher.

Stephens-Howling was a seventh round selection from the 2009 NFL draft.

"He will have value on the market, although it likely come in the first few days of free agency," writes Jeff Root with Revenge of the Birds. "However, I have been pretty adamant about this, I think that he will be a great value pickup for some team in the league."