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Jonathan Hayes Conducted Position Drills At Michigan State Pro Day

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When a coach conducts a position drill during a college Pro Day, there's a good chance that that coach is looking at a player or two at that respective position.


On Thursday we pointed out that the Cincinnati Bengals were one of 29 teams that sent a representative to Michigan State's Pro Day, conducted on Wednesday; the number was later shifted to every team in the NFL. That representative was tight ends coach Jonathan Hayes, according to Gillian Van Stratt with

According to the report, Hayes conducted position drills for tight ends that featured Michigan State tight end prospect Dion Sims, currently ranked No. 7 according to ESPN's positional rankings (ESPN In$ider):

Average burst and doesn't show the ability to make crisp 90-degree cuts but fluid athlete for size. Shows some wiggle and savvy at the top of stem. Changes speeds and tempos breaks well. Throws upper body moves at safeties when attacking deep coverage. Excels at locating and settling into pockets in zone looks.

The Bengals currently have two tight ends signed into 2013, leaving Richard Quinn as a free agent that Cincinnati will eventually want to replace.