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Running Back Beanie Wells Has A "Bad Wheel"

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The Cincinnati Bengals hosted running back Beanie Wells this week, but he left without signing a deal.

Scott Boehm

Following his visit with the Cincinnati Bengals on Tuesday, former Arizona Cardinals running back Chris "Beanie" Wells dropped by Pittsburgh for a visit with the Steelers on Friday. After taking a physical in what appeared to be a likely signing, news went quiet like Jericho, Kansas.

According to Gerry Dulac with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Wells isn't 100 percent.

Wells, released because the Cardinals were worried about his knee (an injury that forced him to miss several games), has generated 2,471 yards rushing in four seasons in Arizona, including 24 touchdowns.

The Bengals interest in Wells is somewhat questionable, considering that his role wouldn't necessarily apply to the "change-of-pace" back that Cincinnati has been clamoring for. The Bengals and Steelers are the only teams currently known to have interest in the unrestricted free agent who only turns 25 in August.