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Possibility Of Something Happening With Adam Jones In "Next Couple Of Days"

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The Cincinnati Bengals are tied up with two priorities with an agent more focused on Jake Long. However another free agent might be returning soon.

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Joe Robbins

With the talk being how the Cincinnati Bengals lack proactiveness in free agency (as if you weren't told to expect that since February) and while twiddling thumbs waiting on the agent for Andre Smith and Terence Newman to wrap up negotiations with Jake Long in St. Louis (or whatever is going on), it's expected that one Bengals free agent should be sealed within a few days. No one rivals the Kirkendall Run-On Sentence.

According to Joe Reedy with the Cincinnati Enquirer, "there is a possibility that something could be done with cornerback Adam 'Pacman' Jones in the next couple of days."

As for offensive tackle Andre Smith and cornerback Terence Newman, things are still going slowly due to other activity throughout the league. The agent both players is Ben Dogra, whose big client in free agency is offensive tackle Jake Long. Everyone thought that Long might be close to a deal with the Rams, but he left St. Louis without one on Friday.

Despite the appearance of doing nothing, the Bengals have actually signed or tendered ten of their own free agents, while only losing half of those players (three weren't even expected back and the other two being a quality special teams player and backup quarterback).