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The Cincinnati Bengals And Andre Smith Continue Waiting On Jake Long

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Entering the fifth day of free agency, the Cincinnati Bengals and Andre Smith haven't agreed to a contract yet.

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Three days worth of dinners and comprehensive talks that would make any neglected wife or girlfriend jealous, offensive tackle Jake Long departed St. Louis without a contract on Friday, further stalling talks between the Cincinnati Bengals and Andre Smith. After three long days of discussions between Long and his representative Ben Dogra, Long wasn't impressed with the offer that the Rams placed on the table, taking the first flight out of St. Louis.

According to the Miami Herald the Miami Dolphins, who are ramping up talks with Long, are encouraged while multiple teams have also expressed interest. And according to the USA Today, Long is looking for a richer deal than what Joe Thomas signed with the Browns, which runs seven years and worth $84 million. But the Dolphins are very much in play.

"The person, who spoke to USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity, said general manager Jeff Ireland and his team have been in communication with Long on Friday morning and are trying to bridge the gap they've had in previous negotiations," writes Mike Garafolo with the USA Today.

Unfortunately the Bengals wait while Dogra, looking to maximize a significant deal for Long, who will receive the biggest contract among all of his clients, forces other clients like Andre Smith to sit patiently until the team and his representatives can meet again. Cincinnati had already met with Dogra earlier this week, but no deal was reached and it's believed now that no deal will be reached until Long is settled.

"We’re working hard to get Andre and a couple of deals are done now and that ought to make things easy," Lewis said at UC's Pro Day on Tuesday. "We just have to get the deal done. Our people have done a great job thus far and we’ll continue to work hard at it."

For now, we wait.

"As for offensive tackle Andre Smith and cornerback Terence Newman, things are still going slowly due to other activity throughout the league," writes Joe Reedy with the Cincinnati Enquirer. "The agent for both players is Ben Dogra, whose big client in free agency is offensive tackle Jake Long. Everyone thought that Long might be close to a deal with the Rams, but he left St. Louis without one on Friday."