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Terence Newman's Decision "Delayed" A Few More Days

The Oakland Raiders confirmed that cornerback Terence Newman visited with the Raiders, but no announcement has been made. Newman himself says that any decision will be delayed a few days.

Gregory Shamus

Cornerback Terence Newman, currently an unrestricted free agent, spent Thursday with the Oakland Raiders. It appeared to be such a quality visit that former Bengals defensive back Artrell Hawkins cited "sources close to Terence Newman" that the 34-year old cornerback "will indeed sign with the Oakland Raiders."

Two days later. Nothing... at least, yet.

According to Jerry McDonald with the Oakland Tribune, the Raiders confirmed Newman's visit but not any deals.

Cincinnati signed Newman to a one-year deal worth $825,000 on April 12, 2012 -- a full month after the start of free agency. Despite his age and perceived declined, Newman still took part in 958 defensive snaps (fifth on the team). Opposing quarterbacks only generated a 79.3 passer rating when throwing to receivers he covered, including a 57.7 percent completion. Ten passes defensed, 75 tackles (only three misses), two interceptions and a forced fumble.

The Bengals have targeted Newman as a priority. However his agent, Ben Dogra, represents Jake Long who is his top client without a contract right now.

It's unknown if the Oakland Raiders have offered a contract. However, based on Newman's tweet, it sounds likely that Oakland has something on the table.

It's believed that Newman wants to return to Cincinnati, largely because of defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer.