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Chad Johnson Eyeing An NFL Comeback, Hopeful To Land With Texans

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The star-crossed wide receiver is looking to make an NFL comeback after a stint with the Dolphins ended before the 2012 season began.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Scrutiny and controversy always follows Chad Johnson. Up until the summer of 2012, that controversy was more founded on Ochocinco's Johnson's mouthy ways and brash attitude--both on and off of the football field. After a great ten-year career in Cincinnati, Johnson was traded to New England in the 2011 offseason to join Tom Brady and the Patriots. Even though the team made the Super Bowl, Johnson didn't contribute very much to their success and was released after the season ended.

Then the Dolphins came calling and Johnson found himself a new team and on the "Hard Knocks" documentary for the second time in four years. Unfortunately, Johnson found himself in some legal trouble because of a domestic disoute with his then-wife, Evelyn Lozada, and the honeymoon in South Beach ended just as quickly as it began.

Eighty-five took the 2012 season off (not so much by his design) and didn't play football all year. According to ProFootballTalk, Johnson is looking to make a comeback to the NFL and contribute to a team. One team he is eyeing is the Houston Texans.

I think I've been very good to the NFL and for the NFL over a number of years, making the game fun and exciting. But I did mess up, you know I messed up once. I made my bed and have to lay in it. Some people are given second chances, some people aren’t. I think at this point I’ve learned my lesson."

We'll see if teams feel the same way as Johnson and think he's deserving of a second chance. The Texans are in the market for another receiver opposite Andre Johnson and could covet Chad's speed. On the other hand, teams might have seen the path of destruction that players like Johnson, Terrell Owens and others have left and feel like he's not worth the gamble.