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2013 NFL Free Agency: Pittsburgh Steelers Said To Be Interested In Ahmad Bradshaw And Elvis Dumervil

The AFC North foes from Pittsburgh have started to throw their hat into the free agency ring with reported interest in two high-profile free agents.

Nick Laham

Free agency for the teams in the AFC North has been relatively quiet in comparison to other divisions. Aside from the occasional splash by the Cleveland Browns and the news of some eyebrow-raising departures from the Ravens and Steelers, there isn't much to report.

However, the Steelers, who are in a dire salary cap situation, have expressed interest in two big-name free agents. Per Adam Schefter, Pittsburgh is in the market for a running back and they've pinpointed Ahmad Bradshaw as a potential replacement for the recently-departed Rashard Mendenhall. Bradshaw could be an effective runner in the division, given his hard-nosed style and the ability to catch. The key issue with him is his injury situation. The Packers are also in play for Bradshaw.

Also on the Steelers' radar is Elvis Dumervil, per Aaron Wilson of The Baltimore Sun. The Ravens also recently expressed interest in the recently-released pass rushing specialist, but he is wisely weighing his options. Dumervil would be a good fit with either team because of the 3-4 defense they employ. He would be the replacement for Paul Kruger in Baltimore (who bolted for a big contract with Cleveland), or James Harrison in Pittsburgh.

We'll see if the Ravens and/or Steelers do much of anything else in free agency because of their gloomy cap situation. Given their track records as franchises and the success they have had, we have reason to believe that they will work some calculator magic.