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2013 NFL Free Agency: Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick Met With Bengals On Sunday

The Cincinnati Bengals kicked the tires on a familiar face that is available on the open market. Will the Harvard graduate rejoin the Bengals for 2013?


It's funny how things work out in the NFL, isn't it? Careers come full circle and players end up in places that they never thought they would. Sometimes they do a second stint with a team that didn't seem as if it would be a possibility ever again. That last situation could be occurring with the Bengals and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

According to Geoff Hobson of, Fitzpatrick met with club officials on Sunday and spoke about the possibility of coming back to Cincinnati in the familiar role of backup quarterback.

The visit makes sense on a couple of levels. First, the Bengals are in need of a backup quarterback behind Andy Dalton since Bruce Gradkowski signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers a few days ago. Secondly, Fitzpatrick brings veteran experience with some production, which is something that most clubs would ask for in a veteran quarterback. Lastly, the Bengals are very familiar with Fitzpatrick, as he was with the club a few years back.

After an uninspiring 2008 season where Fitzpatrick was thrust into the starting role with the Bengals after an elbow injury was sustained by Carson Palmer, he was picked up by the Buffalo Bills and stayed there until this offseason. He signed a lucrative contract in the middle of the 2011 season after he led the club to a promising start, but unfortunately both he and the rest of the Bills team didn't get many wins after that. He was released this offseason.

There has been no indication that Fitzpatrick was offered a contract or that negotiations have ramped up.