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Marvin Lewis Keeps The Door Open For Ted Ginn Jr

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Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis chatted with the local beat writers Sunday night, and one topic was the visit with Ted Ginn Jr.

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Ezra Shaw

Of all the free agents that has visited with the Bengals since the start of free agency last week, wide receiver and return specialist Ted Ginn Jr. appears to be the most promising. Ginn visited with the team on Thursday and early returns suggested that the team was ready to chat with Ginn's agent.

"We haven't totally slammed the door; he shouldn't be an expensive person," Lewis told the Cincinnati Enquirer and "It was a good visit to get some things done and take a look at him physically and the coaches to spend a little time with him and just see if he's the right fit for us. I think there's something he can add to us. He would like to be a little closer to home. There are some positives."

Ginn figures to be the logical replacement for Brandon Tate, who mostly took on all return duties on kickoffs and punts, while also playing the role of a wide receiver, posting 13 receptions for 211 yards receiving with a touchdown.