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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Bengals Grab Replacement Tackle

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The Bengals are trying to re-sign Andre Smith, but just in case they're unable to bring him back, they may have a plan in the draft.


The Bengals are trying to bring Andre Smith back to Cincinnati for the long-haul, but just in case they're unable to, the team may have a plan to replace him in the draft. According to SB Nation's latest mock draft, the team will take replace him with another Alabama offensive tackle, D.J. Fluker.

If the Bengals don't bring back Andre Smith in free agency, they will have some issues at right tackle. D.J. Fluker may never be a left tackle in the NFL, but he has the skill set to be a solid right tackle right away.

Fluker could step in and start at right tackle immediately and probably wouldn't come with the extra baggage that Andre Smith brought to Cincinnati with him. While the Bengals may not feel the loss of Smith if they select Fluker, they wouldn't be able to use the No. 21 overall pick on a player that could fill a need elsewhere.

The Bengals are in need of a strong safety, both SAM and MIKE linebackers, depending on what happens with Rey Maualuga and Thomas Howard, a running back and depth at wide receiver and at cornerback. If they can re-sign Smith, they can worry about one of those positions or even trade back for more picks.

However, if they can't re-sign Smith, drafting Fluker is the team's best option.