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Terence Newman Hopes To Have A Decision By The End Of The Week

Former Bengals cornerback and now free agent Terence Newman hopes to make a decision by the end of the week between the Bengals and Raiders.


After breathing new life into an aging body with the Bengals last season, free agent cornerback Terence Newman is left with a decision. Will he stick around with the Cincinnati Bengals, where he wants to play under Mike Zimmer? Or does he leave for the Oakland Raiders, where he visited late last week?

The decision will be soon, according to Terence Newman on twitter.

Newman, on NFL AM Monday morning on the NFL Network, said one of his deciding factors was with the team that gave him his best chance to win the Super Bowl. Ben Dogra with CAA, Newman's representative, closed out a deal with Jake Long, freeing up for other clients like Newman and Andre Smith.

Cincinnati has also made Adam Jones one of their offseason priorities and it's expected that a deal is close.

However after talking with his agent Monday afternoon, Newman is hoping now to have a deal by the end of the week, specifically citing a need to talk with the Raiders and Bengals (aka, negotiations):