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BB: Bengals Not One Of The Interested Teams For Michael Huff

Though the Cincinnati Bengals were never reportedly interested in Michael Huff, it was a signing that appealed to us.


+ During one of our previous bacon postings last week, we momentarily toyed with the idea of defensive back Michael Huff, who was released by the Oakland Raiders last week. The former first-round pick started his NFL career as a safety, making a strong transition to cornerback out of necessity. Before making the full time transition to cornerback, Michael Huff graded as the second-best safety according to Pro Football Focus in 2010.

His availability appealed to us from a safety perspective for a team that could use significant help opposite Reggie Nelson. And we're not necessarily talking as a starter.

There are four teams interested in Huff. None are the Bengals (admit it, you saw that coming).

According to Aaron Wilson with the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens are one of four teams interested in Huff. The remaining three teams are the Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys and Tennessee Titans. Playing a combination of cornerback and safety, Wilson posted 56 tackles with two picks and 13 passes defensed.

Currently the Bengals have one reliable starter in Reggie Nelson, followed by unproven youth or players lacking confidence from the coaching staff (you know who we're talking about), otherwise they'd have had a stronger presence.

Safety is a favorite position need for the 2013 NFL draft.

+ There is some dispute about where Rey Maualuga will actually play in 2013. Conjecture and speculation presents Maualuga as a SAM linebacker, where he played in 2009-10. Marvin Lewis deflected the ideas, saying that he doesn't expect much change. Hardly anyone believes him.

Here's the facts on the ground. It's March 19. Want solid answers to every question being asked? Unplug until September and call back during the season opener. Don't take everything Marvin Lewis says at face value and when the beat writer that's entering his fifth year covering the Bengals doesn't buy Lewis' quote, add a little more weight to that too.

+ A few highlights from JamesShively's FanPost; which is well-argued (but not something I agree with).

I just don't agree with this "build only through the draft" approach... Because the draft is as much, if not more, of a crap shoot or fool’s gold as Free Agency is.

What free agents has Cincinnati ever signed that contradicts their overall approach? Antwan Odom? Antonio Bryant? Laveranues Coles? What happened with them? A majority of Cincinnati's productive free agents that they've signed in the past four years includes names like Chris Crocker, Adam Jones, Cedric Benson, Thomas Howard, Terence Newman; players that give the Bengals significant production, equal to that of any overpaid free agent.

In fact I'm not sure how more fans aren't hesitate with the Bengals signing big-ticket free agents because they always seem to acquire guys that end up with significant injuries.

Be assured that they'll find someone, sign guys that you might view as inferior at first. Again, it's March 19. Many weeks remain even before the NFL draft, and months after that to finalize the team's 53-man roster.

And keep purge the cloudy mind for one departing thought if you're angry at the team for not spending: If the Bengals don't have the money to re-sign Michael Johnson, Carlos Dunlap, A.J. Green, Geno Atkins, there will be a far greater outcry than what's present today.

This? This is static.

+ Second-year defensive tackle Devon Still tweeted out an instagram picture of him and Geno Atkins working out at Ignition APG in Mason, Ohio. Surely you followed that with a proud grin and tough-guy nod.