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ESPN's Pre-Draft NFL Power Rankings

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Through a week of free agency, the folks over at ESPN have come out with a March-verson of their NFL power rankings. Where the Bengals are on the list might surprise you.

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After a full week of free agency, the frenzy has cooled off a bit, but teams have bettered or worsened their rosters with respective gains and losses in personnel. It's hard to say what state the Bengals are in at the moment, being late-movers in the market and focusing on their own players. Most losses they've suffered were either expected or by choice, as are the re-signings, but it's hard to say that they are a better team as it currently stands.

Regardless, the folks at ESPN have come up with their latest NFL power rankings, which is their pre-draft edition. Things are likely to change with the hype that comes with draft grades, but this is where the writers for the "mothership's" NFL blogs have commented and placed teams as they see it today. Given the lack of moves by the Bengals and the overall sentiment shared by fans because of their lack of movement, it may surprise you where they have the Bengals.

At No.10, the Bengals sit two spots behind the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens and are the seventh-ranked team in the AFC. Jamison Hensley, the ESPN AFC North blogger, writes that they haven't been active in free agency with their cap room, but they are re-signing their own players. The voters included Hensley, John Clayton, Ashley Fox, Dan Graziano and Mike Sando.

A group of NFC teams sit behind the Bengals on this list and then the Steelers come in at No.16 and the Browns at No.25. Somewhat surprisingly, the Seattle Seahawks top the list at No.1. Perhaps some feel that the Bengals are deserving of a top-ten ranking, while others may feel that they must make a few more moves before solidifying that ranking.