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Andre Smith Reportedly Looking For $9 Million Per Year

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According to reports, Bengals free agent right tackle Andre Smith is looking for a long-term deal worth $9 million per year.


Bengals free agent right tackle Andre Smith is reportedly looking for a long-term deal that would pay him something in the vicinity of $9 million per year, according to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio.

When the new league year begins on March 9, Smith, if he's not re-signed, will be able to talk to other teams in hopes of signing a large contract. According to Florio, Smith is in contract negotiations with the Bengals, and possibly other teams, despite the fact that it's considered tampering.

Of course, the negotiations already have begun. Tampering, yes, but they're happening. And word is that Smith is looking for a deal that pays out $9 million per year.

The Bengals decided not to pay Smith a $4.75 million option bonus in the 2011 season that would have kept him in Cincinnati for another two years. In hindsight, I'm sure they wish they could have taken that move back, but, in their defense, Smith hadn't lived up to his paycheck at that point in his career.

By the end of the 2012 season, though, Smith had become one of the better right tackles in the NFL and the best overall offensive lineman on the team. $9 million a year is a large chunk of change, though.

Do you think he's worth that large of a contract?