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BB: Head Coaches, Cliches And "Being Loyal To A Fault"

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Since the Bengals have restlessly bored us into submission with the Cincinnati philosophy, it's time we begin spreading our wings into new subjects. Maybe tomorrow.

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+ Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh offered "If you try to stay the same, you end up getting worse." Anthony, who reflected on that quote, followed up:

Still, this mantra of changing things up holds weight and should send a shudder down the spine of Bengals fans. The entire offseason has been about keeping their own players and not bringing in outside talent, which is, in essence, keeping the status quo.

It's a core issue that gravitates.

We only offer this. Even by doing "nothing", it may not highlight "doing nothing". Football isn't static. Mohamed Sanu will have a full season (hopefully), Dre Kirkpatrick will actually play (well, hopefully) and this must-prove-people-wrong phase for Rey Maualuga and Andy Dalton will surely inspire; though we're spinning a little positive juices into the bottles of depression. Trevor Robinson plays, Kevin Zeitler and Vontaze Burfict are older and even more prepared for the riggers of the NFL and the AFC North specifically.

This isn't a means to accept or condemn anything. But if by doing nothing meant status quo, Michael Johnson wouldn't have more than five sacks, Geno Atkins wouldn't be recognized as the league's best defensive tackle and A.J. Green would be a 60-reception per season receiver. These guys are improving still and they're going to have a greater party when including more players like Zeitler, Clint Boling, Burfict and Andre Smith (god forbid he signs).

I get Harbaugh's quote and understand those championing it; nor will I undervalue the perspective because like anyone, I'd love a super-mega-injection of talent. But doing nothing doesn't necessarily mean you're getting worse.

+ During the coaches breakfast at the annual league meetings, head coach Marvin Lewis sat with local beat writers to chat about a wide-range of issues. One dug into Rey Maualuga, who tends to obsess about poor performances.

"He has been that way from the start. He worries too much. Unfortunately too many people get in his ear," Lewis said, transcribed by the Cincinnati Enquirer. "For being supposedly a big, tough guy he just is concerned about people liking him and he doesn’t need to do that."

This has been the criticism of Maualuga dating back a year. Yet it's always interesting to us when Marvin Lewis turns around and rips a "dumb ass" website for being critical of Maualuga. Is the problem the website, intense defense of Maualuga from the coaching staff or has everyone become unhinged?

Remember when we used to say that Mike Brown was loyal to a fault? Yeah.

On the other hand, why explain that Maualuga shouldn't worry about what others say then go on the offensive against Pro Football Focus -- and we're not 100 percent convinced that he wasn't referencing Cincy Jungle in some way. Makes no sense. Why does it even matter?

+ Later when asked about the perception of making the postseason is good enough, Lewis says:

"It’s not good enough for anyone. We’re not satisfied at all. That can be a perception. There was a perception they never got to the playoffs now there is the perception we are satisfied with it. Someone is putting words in people’s mouths again."

Obviously that's the perception because that's exactly what's happened. We'll spin yarn with the best of them, but there's no hiding from a winless postseason record. And following the most recent postseason appearance, the Bengals have yet to sign an external free agent. Perception is based on observation and that's the observation.

+ Ever get the feeling that they're trying way too hard to make the Pro Bowl more interesting? How about this: Ditch the game and worry about what's really "the issue" today; like making more rules that further complicates the officials job. Keep rewarding players as Pro Bowlers so that mantle is added to a player's Wikipedia page and be done with it. The game isn't important to players, fans or anyone else for that matter. Why waste time on it now?

+ Baltimore Ravens are interested in Michael Huff, so they plan to meet with the defensive back next week.

+ Huh?

Alright, then.

+ Unrelated. But is there a more narcissistic group in football not employed by NFL organizations than obsessive "draft experts"? There are some that are the exceptions, like our own Joe Goodberry, who you can follow @JoeGoodberry.

+ Speaking of which, it's time to stop gushing about numbers for a prospect. At no point in time will a prospect be on the field without shoulder pads, a helmet and pads. It's all misleading. Or in draft talk: Fast without pads, slower with gear.

+ I hate you, Google. I hate you.

+ Harrison Ford on his return to Star Wars: "It's not in the bag yet, but I think it's happening." Good. Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are close to signing too. Man, free agency is CRAZY!