Rey FRICKING Maualuga!!!!!

I've watched people cry about not signing ANYONE from a team other then our own, with some merit I might add, I've watched people counter cry that the FO is being smart and saving money and blowing money on top FA's is stupid and were all children to ask for signings and blah blah blah (partial merit to this as well, albeit it the responses blown way out of proportion)...I've made peace with all of it. We all know the FA splash was going to be if it goes down to absolutely really wasn't that big of a leap. We will just pray for another great draft, and for Gruden to wake up, annnnnd Gresham to play like the ONE great game he had last year where he played like a man possessed.

What I CAN NOT TAKE, is the resigning of Rey Maualuga. He was not an "emotional leader". The man has no confidence. People don't follow a man with no confidence. Period. I don't care what they write about him. I wasn't going to tantrum if they brought him back to COMPETE at SAM where he can do less dmg. That's fine. He'd be an ok stop gap. Now it's come out at that he has the coaches blessing at MLB. This might seriously be the last straw for me if he starts at MLB next year because we don't draft/sign anyone else, and they refuse to let burfict start there...I may boycott games. I can't be the only one outraged. Go back and watch game tape...of JUST Rey. See how he plays, especially in big games. I literally think I could have done a better job of defensing passes in the Houston Texans play off game last year then him. Obviously I can't play in the NFL, but that's how pitiful his coverage was/is. I've never seen a MLB (our enforcer) get knocked on his own ass so many times either. I'll bring in Adam Sandler as the water boy before I watch Rey start at MLB next year. I realize that no one has named him a starter or anything. But I am preempting, what I'm already annoyed about. Please tell me if anyone shares my frustration. I've been desperate to get rid of rey for years and I thought he was finally gone. WHY SO CRUEL LORD?

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