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Cincinnati Bengals Offered Safety Mike Mitchell A Contract

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The Cincinnati Bengals have reportedly offered safety Mike Mitchell a contract, according to the Charlotte Observer.


Nine days into free agency and the Cincinnati Bengals have yet to sign an external free agent -- a player that played for another team during the 2012 season. Yet they're trying with names like quarterback Josh Johnson and wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. having visited, or Ryan Fitzpatrick chatting with the Bengals front office, including head coach Marvin Lewis. Trying is the word (levels of trying not disclosed).

They're looking. They're talking. They're even offering.

According to Joseph Person from the Charlotte Observer, safety Mike Mitchell said that he's been extended an offer from the Cincinnati Bengals. Mitchell has played four seasons in Oakland, playing 61 games and starting nine, posting two interceptions and 139 career tackles.

Mitchell was graded by Pro Football Focus with a score of [Marvin Lewis: "Don't you dare"] -5.1 in pass coverage last season, allowing opposing quarterbacks a passer rating of 130.2 against receivers Mitchell covered.

Mitchell, a former second-round selection out of the Ohio University and a native of northern Kentucky, hopes to have a decision made by the end of the week.