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2013 NFL Free Agency: Safety Mike Mitchell Appears To Be Headed To Carolina

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An earlier report had the Bengals interested in former Raiders safety Mike Mitchell, along with the Carolina Panthers. It appears that Mitchell has made his decision, according to his personal Twitter account.

Thearon W. Henderson

Earlier on Wednesday, we reported (via The Charlotte Observer) that the Bengals had offered former Raiders safety Mike Mitchell a contract to join their safety corps. Being that the report came out of a newspaper in North Carolina and Mitchell didn't have any ties to the area, it was safe to assume that the Carolina Panthers had done the same as Cincinnati in offering Mitchell a contract.

Based on a series of tweets from Mitchell's personal Twitter account, it appears that the Panthers won the bidding war for his services. After thanking the Oakland Raiders organization, Mitchell went on to declare himself a new member of the Panthers organization.

A report from CSNBayArea confirmed Mitchell's departure for Carolina, also citing the tweets from Mitchell. When the story broke earlier today, it didn't seem to be a popular idea amongst Bengals fans, given Mitchell's ProFootballFocus score against the pass (apologies to Marvin Lewis for the PFF reference) and his inability to crack the starting lineup on a regular basis on a weak Raiders defense.

Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise for the Bengals. Still, it's over a week into free agency and the Bengals haven't signed a single outside free agent.