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Bengals In Attendance At University Of Tennessee Pro Day

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The Bengals were one of a group of NFL teams on hand at the University of Tennessee Pro Day. There are a couple of promising prospects that could intrigue the Bengals.


'Tis the season for teams to go through the merry-go-round that are Pro Day visits. The Bengals are out in full-force and have been making the rounds at schools around the nation. The latest, according to the Twitter fanpage of the Tennessee Volunteers, was the Wednesday workout at the University of Tennessee. In case you can't tell by the picture (as awkward as it is seeing grown men gawk at who seems to be Cordarrelle Patterson), the Bengals' representative is in the second row, to Todd Haley's left.

Aside Patterson, the Volunteers have another big wide receiver prospect in Justin Hunter. Neither player decided to run the 40-yard dash, but both were impressive in other workouts, per multiple reports. The Vols also had another interesting wide receiver prospect work out on Wednesday in Da'Rick Rogers. He was kicked off of the team while failing a drug test.

Tennessee has a decent quarterback prospect entering the draft this year in Tyler Bray, but he didn't work out on Wednesday, aside from throwing passes to the trio of wideouts. Bray is considered to go somewhere in the middle rounds of the draft.