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Adam Jones Tweets He's Agreed To A Three-Year Deal

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The Cincinnati Bengals re-signed one of their own free agents on Thursday. This time cornerback Adam Jones.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Another Cincinnati Bengals free agent is returning, according to that player.

Following Wallace Gilberry, Robert Geathers and Rey Maualuga, Bengals cornerback Adam Jones has reportedly agreed to a three-year deal, according to his twitter account.

The Bengals twitter account also retweeted Adam Jones' tweet.

Jones signed with Cincinnati in 2010 and hasn't left since, signing a two-year deal heading into the 2011 regular season.Last year was his best season with Cincinnati. According to Pro Football Focus' grading system, Adam Jones was the team's best cover cornerback, generating a 9.9 score, which also ranked No. 6 in the NFL. Though he didn't post an interception, quarterbacks targeted receivers Jones covered 66 times, allowing only 54.5 percent to be completed.

Right now the top-three cornerbacks on the team appear to be Leon Hall, Jones and second-year player Dre Kirkpatrick. Terence Newman, another free agent Bengals cornerback, is expected to make a decision by the end of the week between Oakland and Cincinnati.

According to Geoff Hobson, the Miami Dolphins and defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle tried luring Jones, but the cornerback said that he wants to retire in Cincinnati.

"I want to play more than three years. I've got more than three years left," said Jones Thursday, a 29-year-old cornerback that has seen all sides of the NFL life. "I really like the situation here. We've got something special going on the defensive side of the ball and the offensive side of the ball."

Jones added that he is confident Terence Newman will re-sign with the Bengals too, and that the three of them (Leon Hall, Newman, and Jones) love playing together:

"I was talking to Leon and the first thing I asked him is 'How long is your contract?'" Jones said. "We've got a pretty good tandem going back there. The three of us like playing together. It's fun. One of us might be down one day, but the other guy picks him up."

Hall's contract last for three more years, so it's no coincidence that Jones' contract last three years too. Jones expressed that he and his family love what they have going in Cincinnati.

"I'm thankful for the situation. I had other options, but it didn't make sense for me to burn bridges with someone who has been with me when no one else was there," Jones said. "People say this and that about the money. I just wanted to feel comfortable and be somewhere where I'm appreciated. I love the city. For the last three years I've built a great foundation here. I like it here."

"I felt like the Bengals wanted me more than other teams. I trust them. This is a place that I call home. When no one else wanted to take a chance on me, the Bengals did," Jones said. "When I was hurt they kept me after my neck surgery. My family loves it here. We have no problems. If it's not broke, why fix it?"

It's no secret that Jones loves and respects his defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer. Fortunately, Zimmer didn't take a head coaching job elsewhere, because Jones knows his defense like the back of his hand.

"I respect Zim. I respect the way he coaches. He treats everyone the same," Jones said. "Zim has brought me a long way. I'm very comfortable in the defense. I can truly tell you where the linemen are going to be, all the blitzes, where I have help and where I don't have help."

All in all, the re-signing of the electric return man and talented corner for another three years has been the best signing of the free agency period so far. Most of Bengals Nation will agree, we're glad to have Adam back.