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RB Ahmad Bradshaw Remains Available But Not Working Out Yet

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The Cincinnati Bengals are still looking for a running back while one of the remaining free agents available is working his way back after foot surgery.

Andy Lyons

Despite the lack of overall activity during free agency with new players, there's a far greater number of available free agents remaining. Many of whom have contributing availability that could fill gaps on the roster here and there; though we're fairly certain that Cincinnati is keeping their sights on the NFL draft for those starter-level players.

Safety is an obvious need, as is running back. And there are plenty of running backs left.

Running back Ahmad Bradshaw, who underwent surgery on his right foot prior to being released by the New York Giants in early February, is one. Finally escaping from his walking boot after nearly two months, Bradshaw wants to wait until he's healthier and in better shape before working out with anyone.

"I've decided not to work out with teams yet,"Bradshaw said told a New York radio station. "I want to be as healthy as I can be, I want to be explosive, and I want teams to see what they are able to get. Right now, I'm working on that, and I think it's coming along faster and faster. I'm walking around without the boot."

According to the running back, the New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers have expressed interest.

After Bradshaw, the list of available running backs weakens with veterans and injury-prone names like Michael Turner, Peyton Hillis, Felix Jones, Cedric Benson, Rashad Jennings, Bad Knee Beanie Wells and Ryan Grant, to name a few.