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Bengals In Attendance At Old Dominion Pro Day

The Bengals and a handful of other teams are in attendance at Old Dominion's pro day on Thursday.


The Cincinnati Bengals, along with the Cardinals, Ravens, Chiefs, Patriots, Saints, Eagles, Rams and Redskins, have sent representatives to Old Dominion for the school's pro day, according to Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting.

Outside linebacker Craig Wilkins is the top prospect working out for scouts during the team's pro day. He has a good blend of size and speed and has been extremely productive and durable over his four-year college career. The Bengals are likely looking for linebackers in the upcoming NFL draft as Thomas Howard has not been re-signed and the team lost Manny Lawson to the bills in free agency. The Bengals have re-sign inside linebacker Rey Maualuga to a three-year deal.

Other players working out for scouts include kicker Jonathan Plisco, defenisve tackle Christopher Burnette and safety Carvin Powell.