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Bengals Send Secondary Coach To William And Mary Pro Day

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According to reports, the Bengals were one of 12 teams to scope out the William and Mary pro day.


Although the big news so far on Thursday has been the re-signing of CB Adam Jones, the Bengals are still apparently looking to improve the position through the draft. According to reports from Optimum Scouting, a secondary coach from the Bengals was spotted at William and Mary's pro day.

The Bengals were one of 12 teams at the event (two of whom were omitted from the above tweet), which was headlined by senior corner back B.W. Webb. Earlier in the year, Webb participated in both the Senior Bowl and the scouting combine, where he stacked up well against the bigger school competition. Webb possesses adequate size for the position (5'10", 184 lb.'s) and also appears to have great burst after notching a 40.5" vertical and 11' broad jump. At his pro day, he stood on his combine numbers, but displayed "good quickness and explosion" during his position drills.

With the Bengals seemingly intrigued enough by the small school prospect to send a position coach, don't be surprised if you see his name pop up in the later rounds come draft day.