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WR Mohamed Sanu Expected To Be Ready For Offseason Workouts

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According to Geoff Hobson of, WR Mohamed Sanu is on pace to participate in the team's offseason workouts next month.

Andy Lyons

When you consider Marvin Lewis' comments at the annual league meeting in combination with the Bengals' indifference to signing a free agent wide receiver, it's easy to see that the team really likes what they've got in WR Mohamed Sanu.

Before suffering a foot injury on the Thursday leading into week 13, Sanu was on pace to become a full-time presence across from A.J. Green. He had just scored four touchdowns in the previous three games and looked to finally lock-down the #2 receiver position. His foot, however, had other plans. Luckily, his rehab is progressing on time and Geoff Hobson of reports that Sanu is "expected to be 100 percent when he arrives next month at the Bengals offseason workouts."

In the meantime, the Bengals have eschewed signing any free agent receievers (other than flirting with Ted Ginn, Jr., who would have served as a special teams returner), indicating their complete confidence that Sanu will recapture his role on the offense. And why shouldn't they be confident? After all, if Marvin Lewis' comments are anything to go by, Sanu is apparently athletic enough to be the team's starting free safety. And the praise didn't stop there.

"He has such a great understanding of the game. The guy is really such a mature player for a guy his age. This is a guy I remember meeting with at the Combine and I can see why everyone was so drawn to him throughout the process," Lewis said. "He’s a complete player. We’re playing that last preseason game in Indianapolis and Marvin (Jones) is returning punts and gets injured. We put Mo back there and it was like he had been doing it for us all through training camp. It’s not too big for him. That’s the exciting part for having a guy like that. We’ve got a real weapon. We were so fortunate to be able to draft him where we did because he’s got ability level above that. We felt like Mo was a better game player than practice player."

"We've got a real weapon" sums up Sanu nicely. The do-it-all receiver also saw some time at wildcat QB and running back last year, which led to some of the most exciting offensive plays all season (wildcat touchdown pass, anyone?).

Thankfully, Sanu has taken a page out of Adrian Peterson's book and appears poised to be ready to roll by the time next month's OTA's kick into gear.